Consulting Services

Aircraft Delivery

Either you are a LESSOR or a LESSEE our flexible and innovative team will be able to provide you a tailored service to meet your needs.

Being involved in several aircraft transitions each year our team has an intensive knowledge of lease requirements and is able to provide an all-in-one package to include CAMO Services while we are performing aircraft audit creating a one-stop shop for technical aircraft leasing needs.

We are offering a full range of services and a few sample of what we can do is listed below; all of them can be combined as necessary:

  • Review of aircraft records in accordance with Delivery/Return Conditions.
  • Issuing updated and approved (on request) aircraft statuses.
  • Preparing detailed work scope.
  • Organizing records to facilitate aircraft transitions.
  • Off lease aircraft airworthiness management.
  • Records storage.
  • Records scanning and hosting with possibility to share with third party.
  • Preparing customize Aircraft Maintenance Planning.

We will be pleased to study any of your needs to supply you a tailored solution.


Annual Inspection

During lease period of your assets it’s important to get it inspected on a regular basis to make sure that the aircraft is maintain in accordance with the regulations but also with the contractual requirement you may have.

The annual inspection is also essential to determine the time you will need at the end of lease to get your aircraft back and schedule the good team at the beginning of the project.

Scheduling and following each operator leasing one or several of your aircraft is time consuming reason why we are offering you a “total care” service. Once we have received from you the list of MSN per airline and contact the next step is to send you the Annual Inspection Report.

An Inspection is taking a total of 5 days, excluding travel time, as described below:

Scheduling Airframe records review Engine records review Aircraft physical inspection Finalization
Enter in contact with the airline, establish planning Receiving records and performing review. A dedicated engine specialist is reviewing engine records Performing aircraft physical inspection and filling the report. Report quality control and loading data picture on our FTP
0.5 day 2 days 1 day 1 day 0.5 day

Your aircraft data will be made available on our FTP and will be updated at each inspection allowing you to get a permanent access to it with the possibility to share them with next LESSEE or owner on a simple request.

We will be pleased to study any of your needs to supply you a tailored solution.